Miniature Tea set on a tray

These are beautiful miniature decorative Tea sets on a tray. They are highly decorated and attractive. They have made many over the last 100 years and were produced again by companies called Regal on the 1980s. Then they stopped making them unfortunately as they are very popular!

I accidentally ordered one by mistake in my early market days and a lady bought this without the soya candles inside. She said ‘ oh you have got to fill them with scented candles , it will sell ‘ and I thought you have got to be joking ! 

Anyway I did it and it’s very tricky, using proper wicks with lots of cleaning. Well I’ve never looked back, selling over 1500, I can never find enough . People choose them for their homes , in memory of parents, for young daughters dressing tables in Brazil. Even one is on the bar , pride of place in a pub run by a young woman Publican in London. 

This Dark red Regal set is very eye catching , rich in colour and a perfect design, boasting Scents of ‘ Pear & freesia, Cherry blossom , creamy Vanilla and pomegranate.’

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