Mad-hatters Tea Party Covent Garden

This picture of Two young customers dressed beautifully in costume brings back a great memory of ‘The Mad-hatters tea party’ events which are held in and around Covent Garden in the summer. I actually remember the Black Gothic Cup that the lady purchased. It’s a very rare and unusual one of course ! It had a black Soy wax scented Candle with a Mediterranean Wild Fig & Mango scented Soy wax.

I really admire these kind of visitors who take hours to get ready , perfecting their costumes to enjoy meeting like minded friends at the event. I am so lucky they pass my stand at Covent Garden Jubilee Market and Wow ! then I can be part of their day to remember it by !

The other picture is of a Street Performer in Covent Garden plaza who was performing his own Mad-hatters Tea party, on a hot summers day, pulling in all the crowds. 

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