This is a particularly desirable little coffee cup, which is highly decorated with the feel of the English landscape. 
In fact this print was applied by Tudor Brothers & Midwinter potteries in the 1950s-1960s. The designers were inspired by the romantic story of Lorna Doone which was written by the novelist Richard Blackmore in 1869. This was based on a group of locals from Devon & Somerset.

They story is about a young man , John Rudd whose father was killed by Scottish outlaws. The Doones were exiled to the remote Exmoor  ( now a National Park), where they robbed travellers & local farms. At this time living amongst them was the pretty ‘Lorna Doone’, who had been kidnapped by them as an infant. John Rudd enters the valley and comes across Lorna, some years later , he rescues her and then marries her !

As they marry a shot is fired through the church window, by the wicked Carver Doone. John peruses him and there is much fighting , but ‘Carver’ perishes in the bog. Lorna luckily recovers from her wounds. There is a happy ending thanks to John Rudd !! 
This vibrancy is conveyed by this beautiful design, with the lush colours of Exmoor.


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