History behind the Teacups ☕️

I really am pleased when my customers appreciate all the stories and history that I research about the cups. I write much of it on the label in a fountain pen , but there is always a story behind how I find the cup and even the person who owned it and why !! 

I’ve been selling at Covent Garden Jubilee market in London for nearly 5 years now , I go treasure hunting during the weekdays in my little van and on the weekend I set up a decorative display to show off my finds. This is where I have usually sold my soya candles along with Leicester Square at Christmas & Winter Wonderland. This is my new shop Online and I already can see the cups people have been viewing. 

So I will tell you about the most popular one this week ‘ Cobalt Blue & Gold Chintz Bell’ Art Deco teacup trio ! This is a truly stunning bone China cup from 1930 which I discovered just outside Oxford near Blenheim Palace , and quite by accident. Our hunt was coming to the end of the day and I saw a big old crumbling sign ‘The Quiet Woman ‘ Antiques Centre on the road , so I had to stop .

It was run by an elderly couple and they sold beautiful valuable furniture and collectibles , and in a glass cabinet , we discovered this beauty. As they were wrapping the set , I asked why the place was called The Quiet Woman ? 

‘ O h yes in the 1700s this building was a large Inn run by a lady Nicknamed ‘The Quiet Woman  who was completely Mute , and she took in all the travellers , some said she had her head under arm ..... Quite interesting !!! This beautiful cup will always remind me of this and it is rumoured that a rich family from Oxford had this in their Cabinet. 

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