1950s Vintage Teacups & Tablewares

I really love the 1950s Elegant shape ! I know there is a snobbery to Older Periods and traditional potteries from late 18th century but it really does inspire and brighten up any room as it did after the 1940s.
During the 2nd World War and after there was the ‘Utility Scheme’ from 1942-1952 where there were restrictions in place along side rationing. The British government restricted the potteries production, so there could be no printing on cups, with only nucleus companies producing decorated China for trade with North America. 
 Then in 1952 , the restrictions were lifted and the potteries moved into a new period of design and mass production. The industry was appealing to a younger crowd of customers who wanted the bold and colourful. There was also the blossoming tourism, where us Brits were going on holiday and also we were selling our dinnerware and teacups to tourists ourselves.

Prices were made to be more affordable and there was ‘The Bridle Market’ which was to rocket the potteries forward with marketing and advertising. In particular my best selling designs such as ‘ Gold Chintz’ , ‘ Country Cottage’ & ‘ Amoretta Rose’ are among my favourites . I can believe they were very popular on the Brides Wedding list !

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